CIL is a diversified real estate investment company operating under Currimjee Real Estate (CRE), its holding company responsible for the management and development of Currimjee Group’s portfolio of properties

Established in 1950, CIL owned the iconic stone-façade building constructed in 1912, situated in Curepipe. The totality of the shares of the Company were bought by the Currimjee family in 1953. In 1958, the property was transformed into Les Arcades Currimjee, with an extension of the retail area. The Continental Hotel, the first centrally located business hotel in Mauritius, was added as a five-storey tower to the property in 1972. The tower was then converted into offices. Les Arcades Currimjee is now known as a landmark property in the city of lights, Curepipe.

Over the years, CIL has progressively diversified into niche asset classes, acquiring buildings like Phoenix Central, Emtel World Property and two data centres, bringing the value of its portfolio to Rs 1.7bn and establishing CIL as an owner of high-yielding assets that are diversified both geographically and segmentally. CIL continues to be a strong advocate for sustainability, urban regeneration and the preservation of the Mauritian heritage, developing its properties in a way that honors their history, environment and communities.




Portfolio value

Rs 1,631 m

Net Leasable Area

27,044 m2




Rs 27 m


6.6 years

Portfolio value

Rs 1,715.9 m

Net Leasable Area

27,059 m2




Rs 116.7 m


6.1 years

lettable space
0 m2
Investment Property Value
Assets Under Management
Weighted Average Lease Expiry (WALE)
0 Years
0 %

​Sustainability Highlights


CIL favours the use of natural light and ventilation, both in the conception and redevelopment of its properties.


CIL is engaged in rainwater harvesting. Rainwater collected and stored for reuse is an effective way to conserve resources.

Waste Management And Recycling

We have several initiatives in place to reduce, recycle and prevent waste of all types, from paper and plastic, to electronics and oil.


CIL is committed to participating in the socioeconomic development of the country through CSR activities. We contribute to the Currimjee Foundation, which then deploys the funds to various areas of intervention, such as Health, Education and Sports, amongst others.

Bare Land (Rose-Hill)

The site is located along Royal Road opposite the Plaza premises and the Municipal Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, almost adjoining northward to the Engen Filling Station, eastward the Clos Verger Apartments and southward the Montmartre Church. It also lies at about 150 metres away from the northern core commercial area of Rose Hill.

It has a regular shape, being slightly below road-level, with a road-frontage of about 57.30 metres and a depth of about 64.01 metres along an existing access road also bordering the Montmarthe Church.

The site, with the benefit of its size, road-frontage and existing accesses on both lateral boundaries, has good potential on the basis of its highest and best use to accommodate an integrated high-rise commercial complex providing for small businesses on the ground level, both offices and residential spaces on the upper levels together with onsite vehicular parking.

The commercial core precinct of Rose Hill has witnessed comprehensive commercial uplifting of existing premises or new developments to provide particularly for retail activities and office accommodations for banking and other related business services.

Emtel World

Emtel World

The property comprises the 3-storey Emtel headquarters, located at the Ebene Cybercity on 2 contiguous leasehold portions of lands of 1 acre each. The site falls within the south-eastern areas of the Cyber City bordering the M1 Motorway.

The property has a total Gross Leasable Area (GLA) of 7,302 sqm and with an Investment Property Value of MUR 248 M

Les Parking (Curepipe)

The site falls along Winston Churchill Street within an established commercial area of the township and in the immediate vicinity of the Police Station and other retail properties.

The site has a rectangular shape with a frontage of 21.80 metres along WinstonChurchill Street and depths of 47.76 metres on one side and 19.76 metres, 26.40 metres and 3.25 metres on the other sides.

It is fully tarred used as parking spaces  with a capacity of 38 bays and includes a gate post with an automatic parking management system.

Data Centre (Arsenal)

The property is a state-of-the-art infrastructure that caters to the needs of any enterprise for data security. Emtel provides colocation services with the required safety and reliability, while keeping the businesses running smoothly.

The property is strategically situated in Arsenal, which location has been chosen for its easy road access, 4 access routes, safe environment, flood free region and ideal position far from all busy commercial and business zones.

The property has a total GLA of 2,420 sqm and with an Investment Property Value of MUR 136 M

Technical Building (Rose-Hill)

The Technical Building in Boundary Rose Hill was the first Head Quarters of Emtel and has since been converted into a technical office which also houses telecommunications equipment. The property also comprises a store and the associated plant and equipment required to run the Emtel Operations.

The property has a total GLA of 1,123 sqm and with an Investment Property Value of MUR 56 M

MCR Tower (Curepipe)

This building is strategically located in the heart of Curepipe along the corner of Chasteauneuf Street and the Royal Road. The building is opposite Les Arcades Currimjee. The retail ground floor houses tenants such as ABSA, Quicksilver and SICOM.